Member Code of Conduct

Membership to International Deal Gateway (“Deal Gateway”) is a privilege extended to recognized entrepreneurs, CEOs and business leaders from around the world. Membership is granted on an invitation-only basis, referrals from approved members, and through partnerships with select business organizations reviewed by our board. Our goal is to bring together the world’s best entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders and create a trusted community that supports peer-to-peer transactions in a secure environment free from misrepresentation and other disrespectful practices.
  1. Participation with Deal Gateway demands high ethical and business standards from every member in order to preserve the extraordinary quality and exclusivity of the platform.
  2. All members are bound by our Terms & Conditions and must conduct all dealings in a professional manner. When in doubt, refer to our T&Cs
  3. Deal Gateway is committed to protecting our members’ privacy and personal information and does not sell, rent or otherwise make available to third parties our members’ data. We expect every member to do the same.
  4. Members determined by Deal Gateway to have violated any of our Code of Conduct and T&Cs will immediately lose their membership and access to our platform, events and education.
  5. Any member who feels that another member is not acting in accordance with the rules and values of IDG is encouraged to bring their concerns to management as soon as possible.
  6. Members are responsible for making individual and independent business decisions. The platform and our events support access to peer-to-peer business opportunities. Deal Gateway in no way recommends, endorses or advises on any dealings related to the platform, its events or education.