January 2023: The Most Predicted Recession Ever

January 10, 2023 | 
Stock Market Analysis Tony Dwyer

Tony Dwyer has released the first conference call of the year, along with his macro slide deck.

Data shows that this is “the most predicted recession ever, with nearly 50% of professional forecasters expecting a recession in the first quarter 2023”. Tony’s 46-page slide deck covers:

  • Yield curve inversions signaling 2023 recession
  • Data detailing why the core fundamental thesis remains challenged
  • Inflation Outlook – Core PCE peaked but stubbornly high
  • Credit Outlook – Why the market doesn’t believe The Fed & Real Liquidity Sharply Lower with M2 and Markets
  • Economic Outlook – GDP rose in Q3 due to improved final sales & ISM Manufacturing survey suggest contraction
  • Earnings Outlook – Consensus SPX EPS should prove too optimistic & The SPC Correlated to Direction of EPS
  • Tactical Outlook – SPC still to top-heavy, pressuring indices & Volatility pulled back from Extreme

Tony Dwyer is highly sought-after for his insights on what drives the global economy. His highly coveted monthly Conference Calls and Picture Books are only available to Premium members, along with daily macroeconomic updates and outlooks. Your first month is free with the promo code: FIRSTMONTHFREE

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