Unleash the Power of Your Story

Your growth company holds a captivating story of vision, experience, and success. At IDG, we believe in celebrating and amplifying that narrative through our robust community of members, Ambassadors and world-class partners. Our commitment goes beyond corporate marketing programs; we strive to provide a holistic solution that nurtures relationships and connects you with the right audiences.

Within our exclusive IDG community, we curate exceptional events that bring together influential Family Offices and high net worth individuals. These boutique gatherings provide a unique platform for direct access, allowing you to present your story and forge meaningful connections and be added to the watch list of these discerning individuals. Join us at our highly anticipated Family Office events held in London, Zurich, Geneva, Milan, and Dubai, as well as through engaging virtual and in-person presentations throughout North America, the UK, and Europe. Your story deserves to be front and center, and we’re dedicated to keeping it there.

Through our invaluable partnership with Canaccord Genuity, we can help open doors to new audiences and untapped opportunities. This collaboration ensures that your growth journey is met with comprehensive support and an engaged audience ready to explore your opportunity.

At IDG, our mission is to empower growth companies on their path to success. Whether you’re seeking to connect with Family Offices, build relationships with esteemed analysts, or simply share your story with the right audience, our holistic approach encompasses it all. Join our thriving community and unlock the limitless potential for growth, connections, and unparalleled opportunities.


Following a successful launch, Deal Gateway attracts more than 4,500 vetted members throughout the year from some of the world’s most prestigious peer organizations. The leadership team hosts over 30 global events from Asia, to Australia, North America, and Europe, igniting a global community and supporting private investment, deal flow, and M&A opportunities on a peer-to-peer model.


Deal Gateway introduces an ambassador program for select leaders in key financial markets worldwide. The company launches European corporate marketing events for growth companies seeking to reach Family Office investors through its strategic partnership with Global Partnership Family Offices, one of the world’s leading family office networks in Europe.


In support of publicly listed companies, Deal Gateway launches virtual investor events for issuers looking to expand their audience of investors, including Family Offices and ultra-high-net-worth investors. A key milestone of 1,000 private deals posted to the platform is achieved and the company closes a strategic investment from Canaccord Genuity.


The company launches a suite of Corporate Marketing Programs designed to help high-growth companies reach new audiences through in-person and virtual events designed to introduce and sustain visibility.


IDG expands its Family Office events to Dubai, reaching a new audience in the Middle East. In addition, the company launches "From the Top" an IDG YouTube channel focused on bringing CEO video interviews from leading growth companies to IDG's growing network of online followers.


IDG expands its global footprint with Family Office & High Net Worth events in Milan, Geneva, and Zurich reaching a broader audience of Europeans. The company also introduces bespoke lunches providing growth companies with the opportunity to share their story and engage with guests in a private setting.

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Diana Aquino

Director, Account Management