Build Your Dreams: Inside “The Dream Factory” with Peter Thomas

February 20, 2024 | 
Entrepreneur Spotlight

Peter Thomas, a six-decade serial entrepreneur, mentor, advisor, and author, has just released his latest book, The Dream Factory.

Peter is renowned as one of the lead­ing real estate developers and lenders of his time in North America. Having spearheaded the development of billions of dollars worth of real estate projects ranging from shopping centers to hotels and golf courses, his impact on the industry is profound. His latest book, “The Dream Factory,” not only reflects his extraordinary track record but also offers insights into unlocking the potential within us all.

Liz Priestman, IDG’s CEO, had the pleasure of interviewing Peter to uncover how to find our inner genius and realize our entrepreneurial dreams.



Click here to order your copy. All proceeds from the sale of Peter’s book are generously donated to support the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA).


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