Family Office Event in London, UK Featuring Defence Therapeutics, Westbridge Renewable Energy, SolarBank Corporation and Kodiak Copper

July 10, 2023 | 
Family Office Investor Events

International Deal Gateway and Global Partnership Family Offices hosted a Family Office event on June 21, 2023 in London, UK.

We are pleased to share the video recordings from this exclusive event. Families and guests had the privilege of learning from Dr. Moutih Rafei of Defence Therapeutics, who enlightened us with groundbreaking next-gen vaccines for cancer and infectious diseases. The event also featured two leading clean energy solar development companies that left us inspired and hopeful for a sustainable future. Thank you to Scott Kelly of Westbridge Renewable Energy along with Dr. Richard Lu and Oggy Talic of SolarBank Corporation for your enlightening presentations. Lastly, thank you to Claudia Tornquist for sharing profound insights into the domain of copper exploration at Kodiak Copper driven by the green revolution. Claudia’s expertise shed light on the critical role of this resource in shaping a sustainable and environmentally conscious future.



International Deal Gateway’s Family Office events provide a rare opportunity for companies to gain access to an exclusive group of 2,400 ultra high net-worths and Family Offices throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, and the UAE as well as alternative channels in North America. Our exclusive events are a unique opportunity for select companies to present to a very hard-to-reach Family Office audience with long-term interests and patience, giving presenters both visibility and access.

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