IDG Presents: Innovation and Investment – The Course for a Greener Tomorrow, Hosted by the London Stock Exchange (LSE)

September 21, 2023 | 
London Stock Exchange

IDG would like to extend our gratitude to the London Stock Exchange (LSE) for hosting our live webinar, “Innovation and Investment – The Course for a Greener Tomorrow”.

The webinar features three companies at the forefront of sustainability and climate initiatives: Green Data, SolarBank, and HydroGraph Clean Power. These companies are pioneering climate innovation, leading the way in transforming the industry.



Leading the conversation, we heard from Jason Bak, CEO of Green Data, a data center and commercial real estate developer focusing on the development of hyper-scale data centers and mixed commercial property in combination with solar generation facilities. Next, Richard Lu, President, CEO & Director presented on SolarBank, a clean energy company focused primarily on distributed and community solar projects in Canada and the United States. Concluding the event was Stuart Jara, CEO of HydroGraph Clean Power, an innovator in nanotechnology with a patented detonation synthesis technology producing pristine graphene and pristine functionalizations. Elizabeth Priestman, CEO of IDG, hosted the panel discussion following the presentations.



Meet our distinguished presenters:


With an extensive background in infrastructure, finance, technology, and leadership since 2003, Jason has developed $1 billion in renewable projects, from Ireland’s and British Columbia’s largest wind farms to 14,000 residential solar systems in the USA by 2014. In 2019, he created Green Data to focus on sustainable data center infrastructure post a successful company exit. Jason aims to grow Green Data into a multi-billion dollar sustainable infrastructure leader in America with the support of a proven and experienced team.




Dr. Lu has more than 25 years of global energy experience developing and implementing growth strategies for organizations in North America, Europe and Asia. He leads a team of established and trusted developers, engineers, asset operators, and managers in the clean and renewable energy space in Canada and the US. He is an Independent Director atdynaCERT Inc. (DYA.TSE), a growing high-tech company that specializes in hydrogen application in the transportation industry.




Stuart earned a seat on the HydroGraph BOD joining the organization as a hydrogen expert. Stuart quickly transitioned to CEO given his leadership abilities. He currently focuses on successfully leading HydroGraph through its next phase of accelerated growth and sustained commercial success. Stuart’s ability to transform organizational inefficiencies into innovative growth solutions has earned him a reputation as a resilient, profit-producing business leader. He brings over twenty years of business development, strategy execution, and investor relations experience to the role, with a strong background in the industrial sector.



The video playback is available and can be accessed by clicking here.

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