International Deal Gateway Joins the London Stock Exchange Issuer Services Marketplace

November 1, 2022 | 
London Stock Exchange

Deal Gateway is excited to announce that it has joined the London Stock Exchange Issuer Services Marketplace. The Issuer Services platform is a digital hub for London Stock Exchange issuers to access a wide range of solutions dedicated to serving public companies and their investors.

A Gateway to Family Office Investors and Alternative Capital

As part of Deal Gateway’s Investor Awareness package, we offer unrivalled access to alternative channel investors including one of Europe’s leading family office networks, North American high-net-worth investors, small hedge funds and private equity. Our team hand-holds meaningful introductions to these hard-to-reach investors through individual events or year-long corporate marketing programs designed to help you share your story with live & virtual events, webcasts, videos, newsletters and social media. Our solutions include:

Family Office Investor Events

Hosted in London, Geneva, Dubai and New York, these boutique family office investor events provide you with a unique opportunity to share your story with a select audience of ultra high net worth investors and family offices.

Virtual Events & Webcasts

Deal Gateway hosts thematic virtual events with a curated lined-up of companies for a live or recorded webcast reaching investors worldwide. Presentations are video recorded and packaged for a market-leading network where they’re shared with an audience of 400,000 institutional investors and members of Deal Gateway’s network. 

Corporate Marketing Programs

Access new pools of alternative capital through our year-long investor awareness program. Deal Gateway helps you reach new investor audiences through its newsletters, member-only website, and social media campaigns. Through our partners, you’ll also benefit from high-value content from leading industry analysts and highly sought-after macroeconomic experts. Members of our year-long program are also invited to attend one of the premier growth conferences in Boston, MA to network with over 1,000 investors from across the US. 

CEO Video Interviews

Share meaningful corporate updates from the CEO with Deal Gateway’s video interviews. These videos give growth companies the opportunity to provide exciting updates, news, and quarterly progress reports. Videos are posted on Deal Gateway’s private platform and showcased in our newsletter and social media reaching 10,000 members.

Alternative Capital Access

Through our US partnership, growth companies can access a significant network of single and multi-family offices, high net-worth investors, small private equity groups, venture capitalists and other direct investors that fall under the “Alternative Capital” group. Companies can deliver virtual and live presentations and join panels, where a few may be selected to present on tracks at world-class investor events.


Unlock Access to the LSE’s Extensive European Audience

IDG’s partnership with LSE allows our clients to tap into the LSE’s extensive reach to introduce you and your story to a new audience of international investors via the London Stock Exchange’s market-leading webcast solution.

To learn more about our Corporate Marketing Program and how your company may benefit from the LSE Issuer Services Marketplace, please contact .